Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to buy the wristband and the app? A: Yes. To get the full benefits of ēllu, you need your wristband connected to the app on your smartphone.

You can get the app on the Apple App Store. ēllu for Android is coming soon. Just search ‘ellu’ and download the app for free. Open it up and then enter your subscription redemption code – simple!

Q: Who should I add to my circle? A: ēllu has been designed to help you easily stay connected to the people you’re really close to - not adding hundreds of new friends like we can all do on other social networks.

With ēllu, you can invite your contacts to be part of your circle and receive notifications based on whether you want to chat, share a photo or alert them of a situation. Just remember that for them to use the same features back to you, they’ll need to buy ēllu and subscribe too.

To help them do this, they’ll receive instructions on what to do when you invite them through the app.

Q: How do I connect my wristband? A: Ok, so you’ve downloaded the app, your wristband is charged up and you’re ready to go. Next, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, then hold both buttons on the wristband for 3-5 seconds.

It should vibrate, and then on the app screen it will ask you to pair. Select your wristband from the list, click ‘pair’ and you’re ready to go. If your ēllu isn’t playing ball, just hold the two buttons down for around 30 seconds until it vibrates.

Then just start the pairing process again.

Q: How do I stop people from sending me alerts? A: If a close friend becomes…well, less of a close friend, you can easily delete or block them. To do this, simply press on the side menu, click on contacts, select the contact and press ‘block’. If you’ve blocked them, the word ‘blocked’ will appear highlighted in red on their profile image. To unblock, simply tap on the contact’s name, click ‘unblock’ and it will automatically update.

Q: If the app is closed will I still receive notifications? A: To make the most of everything ēllu has to offer, the app has to stay open all the times. If it’s closed then all your notifications to your wristband will stop... you will only receive notifications on your phone and that's not much use too anyone! So please make it really clear to your friends that the app has to stay open, even if it’s just on in the background.

Q: How can I see if my battery is charged? A: : If you click on the wristband settings in the side menu you’ll see the battery % level. Click on the arrows next to the percentage and it will refresh and give you the latest update on the battery level. If your ēllu wristband charge is below 25% you’ll receive a vibration - as well as a notification on your phone - prompting you to charge it. You’ll know when your wristband is charging as the battery port will pulse, and when the light stops you’re good to go. That said, you only need to charge it for or an hour for a whole a month.

Q: How do I charge my ēllu band? A: Simply click the ēllu core (you don’t need to remove the straps) onto the ēllu charger. Make sure the metal pins match up to the metal holes on the wristband, click it in and the charger will light up. While it’s charging, a red light will blink and when it’s fully charged, the red light will stay constantly lit for 90 seconds.

If the light stays on for longer, you may need to unplug your cable and charger and plug it in somewhere else.

Q: Can ēllu share my personal information? A: Absolutely not. We will never share any of your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with anyone. This really matters to all of us here, so ēllu is not, and never will be, about us using any of your data.

You will never be marketed to in the app either. We may sometimes contact you via email if there’s something new, important or interesting that’s happening with ēllu, but that’s all. If you need to know more, just click here.

Q: Is there anything I should bear in mind before getting started? A: One thing - when after you’ve finished using a feature in the app, remember to disable it to help prolong your battery life. That’s all!

Q: Is my device compatible with ēllu? A: If you’re using ēllu on your Apple iPhone you’ll need to have iOS version 8.0 and upwards. ēllu for Android will be coming soon. 

Although ēllu will work on iPads, it will not be customised for them.

Q: How can I send and disable an SOS?A: To send an SOS through the app, press and hold the “ē” icon on the bottom of the screen until you see a yellow circle appear around the “ē” and an orange notification on the top of the screen.

The SOS is successfully sent when the bottom and top of the screen have turned from blue to red. To send an SOS through the wristband press the two buttons on the sides of the wristband twice. Your wristband should vibrate for 1 long second to let you know you have enabled an SOS. 

To disable an SOS, press and hold the red “ē” icon on the bottom of the screen. Just like enabling an SOS, you’ll see a yellow circle around the “ē” and an orange notification appear on the top of the screen. The SOS has been disabled once the screen is back to blue

Q: How do I add a favourite?A:  To add a favourite contact press and hold on the one of the four contact circles in the main ēllu screen. A list of your contacts should show up. Select up to four contacts or Groups and click Confirm. The top button on the main ēllu screen allows you to access all other contacts that are not your favourites.