Personal, private and powerful

ēllu is your easy-to-use wearable app that fits around you and your lifestyle by keeping you constantly connected, updated and safe.

What isellu?

The wristband

ēllu is the lightweight wristband connecting you to your close circle of friends and family by a touch of a button.

Your ēllu wristband adds that sense of “human touch” through small vibrations.

Available in different colours that best suit you.

The app

Together with your wristband, the ēllu app is essential for you to get the very most out of all ēllu has to offer.

With a variety of features including Let's Meet Up, SOS, ēllu Live and many more, you can pick the ones that you and your inner circle enjoy the most.

Download the app today in iTunes . 

ēllu for Android is coming soon. 

Your wristband

What makesellu special?


Your life, your ēllu. Make it completely yours wherever you live, wherever you go, whatever you do.

Securely connect with your friends, your family, your way.

You can even choose the colour of the wristband to make it even more you.


No-one else can be connected to your ēllu other than the people you choose.

You decide if and when you want to contact them.

More than that, ēllu will never sell or share your data to anyone - ever.

And you’ll never see any annoying ads on there either.


The variety of features inside ēllu gives you everything you need to stay in touch with your circle – video chat, paging, instant messaging.

It’s advanced yet really simple to use and it has a unique SOS feature that instantly connects to your contacts when you need them.

It gives you security you can feel.

ēllu keeps me connected to my close friends and family even when they’re far away.

Rachel, 25, London

User reviews

Love the integration

I love how integrated the app and the band are. I really love the feature where the band vibrates if you leave your phone behind it saved me quite a few times.

Rafael Foncillas

Male, 16

Puts my mind at ease

I have two daughters, one 12 year old and one 16, and the 12 year old wants to go out like the 16 year old. I've been feeling much more at ease knowing that if anything were to happen, they're wearing their ēllu.

Luis Risco

Male, 40's

ēllu Pager is the best

My husband works crazy hours, he's always going from one meeting to the next and it's impossible to reach him when you really need him. Now with ēllu Pager, all my urgent messages are answered


Female, 50

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